Nano Towels Review – Should I Buy These Towels?

With green living and sustainability in focus, a lot of families are planning to replace disposable items such as paper towels with reusable alternatives. Aside from being Eco-friendly, reusable items can be used over and over, thus reducing wastage. If you love greener living and wish to switch to reusable towels instead of disposable ones, you may want to try Nano towels. The following Nano towels review will let you know whether these towels are worth buying or just hyped for marketing.


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What is the purpose behind the creation of Nano towels?

When you clean spills and liquids using paper towels, a portion of the liquid is left behind. In simple words, paper towels aren’t really effective at cleaning spills and dust. As such, there is a need for a green product that will ensure efficient cleaning. It is here Nano towels come into the picture to resolve the issue.

Nanolon, the material of these towels, attracts dust, liquid, grime and dirt like a magnet. While the material is a bit sticky, it helps the cloth to pick up messes rather than spreading them around. The towel has two sides – one side for cleaning and the other side for drying. This in turn ascertains efficient cleaning without the usage of multiple cloths.

The best thing about these handy towels is you don’t have to use any cleaning agent to wipe out spills and dust. All you need is some water to clean the dirt and spills with one side of the towel and use the other side to dry the area. As far as cleaning of the towels is concerned, just toss them to the laundry after use, and you could use the towels again when you need to clean something.

Why buy Nano towels

Nano towels are worth the money if you are someone who uses paper towels for wiping out spills or does light cleanups that don’t require sanitizing. Perhaps, you want to dust the mantle or need an Eco-friendly and more cost effective way to clean spilled liquids. The superior absorbability of Nano towels make them a perfect replacement for paper towels you would use in these situations. Additionally, they could save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Pros of using Nano towels


When it boils down to replacing paper towels for the purpose of soaking spilled liquids, Nano towels are worth every penny. The texture of the towel cloth is plush and thick. It can hold a great amount of liquid compared to thinner cloths and paper towels that leave behind substantial liquid.


Paper towels are only used for absorbing and cleaning liquids. Nano towels, on the other hand, present a number of other benefits. With four towels in each pack, one towel can serve as the traditional cleaner for counter-tops and flat surfaces. However, the options for using remaining towels in the pack are virtually limitless.

You can wrap one of the towels around the swifter head and tuck the corners into place to dry or mop hardwood or tile floors quickly. The other cloth in the towel pack can be used for wiping down your cardio machine after workouts in the gym. You may also keep a cloth near your entryway to dry out muddy pet paws or wet snow boots.

Easier and more convenient

It takes enough time and effort to remove bulky items of paper towels. However, Nano towels are a lot easier and offer more convenience. You can effortlessly remove the towels and clean anything.

Safer and better

A lot of households are susceptible to chemical agents on a daily basis. It is possible that most of these compounds are highly toxic to invite serious health threats. By using Nano towels, you can cut that entire toxic compound from your house while cleaning your home more effectively.

Health protection

Many individuals suffer from chemical sensitivities, and there are a number of possible ill effects of a chemical sensitivity. If a harmful compound gets into your body through your household items, it can be dangerous in the long run. You can eliminate this entire cleaning product range by using Nano towels. With the help of these towels, you can get rid of any possibility of skin rashes and respiratory issues caused by toxic chemical cleaning agents.


Cleaning agents and paper towels have become a part of your day to day expenses and put a heavy burden on your budget. However, once you buy a pack of Nano towels, you don’t have to think about repurchasing for about two years. With proper usage, Nano towels can continue cleaning for two to three years and survive about 300 to 400 trips through your washing machine.


When compared with microfiber cloths, Nano towels tend to be expensive. Many people are reluctant to spend 25 dollars on four towels. However, this investment can be really helpful in saving money. For example, if your family blows up multiple rolls of paper towels each week soaking messes and drying hands, an investment of 25 dollars upfront might save you loads of dollars in the long run when you are not repurchasing paper towels anymore.

Cons Of Nano Towels

Needs frequent washing

Unlike disposable towels, you need to wash the Nano towel on a frequent basis. If left unwashed or wet, the towel will leave undesirable smell like mildew. This means you have to expend some labor on your part on cleaning and maintaining the towel.

Requires disinfectant

While the towel is Eco-friendly, it can’t kill the bacteria on its surface. You need to use a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar to get rid of the bacteria. Without the use of disinfectant, the towel can’t be cleaned properly.

No color options

These towels are mostly available in green color. You don’t have the option to choose another color. While this is actually not a downside, it limits your choice with respect to color.

Concluding words

From the above Nano towels review, it becomes crystal clear that these Eco-friendly towels are an ideal choice in any home. Affordability, sustainability, multi-functionality, ease of usage, durability, etc are some of the prime benefits offered by these towels. Due to these amazing benefits, more and more homeowners prefer to buy these sustainable towels. If you are really serious about your health and the environment, buy these towels and transform your way of living.


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