Solar Pathway Lights. Low Voltage With A Great Look

Solar pathway lights have become very popular in recent years.  Not only due to the fact that they look great, but they also use very little power and provide excellent lighting so that you can see your walkway.

Actually, these sidewalk lights will cost you very little or nothing at all.  The craze noways is to use solar lights.  These typically have a sensor on them that collects the suns rays and stores that energy into a battery, mounted directly on the light itself.  When it gets dark, the sensor turns them on.  They literally are low maintenance, they don’t even require power!

Popular Solar Pathway Light Ideas

I can talk about them all day long, but how about I just link you to some popular brands and you can see for yourself.

Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light
  • Easy to install–no wires to run
  • Solar-powered lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Made from durable weatherproof materials
  • Super-bright white LED lights charged by the sun
  • Approximately 13.5 inches tall
Moonrays 91380 Payton-Style Solar-Powered Black Plastic LED Path Light
  • Set of 10 solar-powered path lights with warm-white LED
  • 120-degree-angle beam; 12-inch area of illumination; 2.5 lumens per fixture
  • Auto-on from dusk until dawn; discharge time up to 10 hours depending on daytime sun
  • Weatherproof black plastic construction; plastic lens looks like hammered glass
Pine Top 511-0007 4-Light LED Solar-Powered Plastic Fence-Post Cap Light

Those are just a few products you can look at.  If you look at the last link, you see that these are actually square LED lights that you mount on your post holes.  I have a friend who uses this style and I must say, they are worth every penny.  Not only does the unit put off enough light to light the area, but the light also shines right off the vinyl fence, which almost amplifies the lighting.

Garden Tool Storage Rack – Rubbermaid Corner Rack 5A47 Review

Rubbermaid Corner Rack 5A47 Review

The Rubbermaid 5A47 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack is something I just had to inform you about.  I figured I would do a short review of the product because it is an excellent tool that everyone should have in their garage or shop.

With this garage tool organizer, you can kiss those days of reaching for a broom and having your hoe, shovel and rake fall over like domino’s.  This is perhaps the best storage idea mostly because it’s so simple and really gets rid of a lot of frustration in the garage.

“Great for storing rakes, brooms, axes, sledge hammers, trowels, pruners, and more..”

This Rubbermaid garden tool storage rack is one of the more popular ones on  What makes this unit so popular is it’s price tag.  You can get this sturdy tool organizer at great deals.  You may even find some of them used, but I doubt many people are going to be selling their units, they are that great.

One thing to remember with this garage rack is that it is a corner unit only.  It is in the shape of a triangle, in order to fit nicely in the corner.  Many people including myself think that having the storage unit in the corner is great, because when your sweeping or grabbing for a tool, you are usually headed out the door anyhow to use it.  Very convenient.

The Reviews Of The Rubbermaid Garden Tool Storage Rack

The reviews for this item are mostly all positive and ranking close to five stars.  The reviews that were negative had basically dealt with personalized needs such as:

  • Wanting to place the unit on a wall, not in the corner.
  • Didn’t fit one of their custom shovel handles.
  • Didn’t like the color.

Overall, this is a solid buy.  Here’s what one reviewer said:

“Very nice way to store brooms and mops, flags, etc. Eliminates the need to hang everything on the wall. Fits in corner of garage……..” Read More

Product Features

  • Corner long-handle tool organizer; holds 30 tools
  • Corner storage maximizes available space
  • Easy to assemble; no tools or hardware required
  • Anchors to wall with “S” hook (not included)
  • Measures 32 by 18 by 20 inches (height by width by depth)

It’s spring and you are getting ready to open those garage doors and get your home and garden in top condition.  Don’t be caught fiddling and faddling with your hoes, rakes, brooms and other accessories.  Get this unit and enjoy your home to the fullest!

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