Buddy Electronic Controlled Key Safe Box – The Popular Choice

Features At a Glance

  • Unique battery operated security system
  • Wall mountable
  • Electronic keypad access code
  • Faceplate removes to reveal a backup key lock
  • Includes mounting hardware, batteries and two keys

In Depth Review Of The Actual Product

If you are looking for an electronic controlled key safe box, the Buddy Products electronic key box is what you are looking for. I have seen many of these units in use and have heard nothing but great reviews from those people that owned them. The thing that most of the users say is along the lines of “this key safe is built strong”, “the batteries lasted for years”,”I didn’t think I could get this type of quality for it’s low price”.

What Are The Advantages Of An Electronic Key Box?

An electronic key box such as the Buddy I am talking about has some advantages over the standard key type or combination locking boxes. The main advantage is the ability to program your own key codes right into the control panel on the front, unlike a combination key safe which only allows the stock single combination.

If you for any reason need to change the combination, you can easily do so right from the front panel, this will stop anyone who had been given the old key code to the unit. This is a great security feature as well as a nice feature to give you peace of mind, knowing that if a problem does arise, your keys are secure.

What Happens If The Battery Goes Dead?

The one thing that is great about this electronic controlled key box is that the batteries literally last for years.  I have seen reports of this battery lasting 4+ years.  Actually, I was just looking through the reviews at Amazon.com and seen one guy there saying the battery that comes with the unit lasted 3 years!

Obviously, you aren’t going to be worrying much about the battery losing its charge, but when it does, replacement is a sinch.  You simply snap off the front cover on the keypad and use the supplied backup key (2 backup keys are supplied with keytags) to open the key box.

The battery simply fits into the back cover of the door, it’s as simple as that!

NOTE:  The backup keys do actually open up the key safe, giving you complete manual control if you needed.

Advantage: Heavy Steel Locking Pins

This safe box for keys is quite a bit different from others in it’s bracket due to the fact that it has heavy duty steel locking pins.  On some other units you may find around you may see a little metal flange that comes down locking into place.  Those flanges are really not the type of quality you expect when you are expecting a secure lock box.

Advantage: Recessed Locking Door

The main locking door panel is recessed, this means that nobody can stick something like a crowbar or screwdriver in it to pry it open.  This is often overlooked when purchasing a key safe box.

Advantage: Heavy Thick Steel Door

The door on this thing is very solid steel.  If you tried to bend the door on this unit, you would be unsuccessful.  Some other units have doors that are strong, but I doubt they are as strong as this 3221-32 key box.  It’s 11-guage steel, which is pretty strong for this box!

What Are You Looking For?

If you are looking for a strong, durable, heavy duty, easy to use and visually appealing electronic key safe, you should definitely buy the Buddy 3221-32 key box.  It’s one of the most popular key boxes that people buy on the internet.  You’ve read this review, you can read more reviews at the Amazon.com Website[/easyazon_link] about this box.  I took a quick look over there and seen that the reviews are pretty much standard for what I’ve heard about this box, excellent!

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