Setting Up Your Home Theater System

Setting up your home theater system doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, you can do it with minimum legwork. If you are still watching TV on a small screen with crappy speakers, it might be the right time to upgrade your TV watching tenure. Here is how you can set up your real home theater.

There are certain basic components for setting up any home theater. When you refer to a home theater, it doesn’t mean that you are putting a complete movie theater in the house. It only means upgrading your TV watching experience with latest components such as an awesome TV, amazing speakers and other devices all working in harmony to deliver maximum entertainment pleasure.

What you need for your home theater

Let’s assume that you have certain basic things like a blu-ray player, a game console and/or a cable box – the stuff you would like to hook up to the home theater. While you can always add multiple devices in case you have enough space and budget, but it would be a good start if you start with a basic set up. Here is a quick list of things that you will need for the setup.


Obviously, a high definition TV is a must for a better viewing experience. If you don’t have a high definition television, you may want to change your TV. Consider top quality brands that provide a range of HDTV models. Compare them minutely and make the right choice. However, be certain that your TV comes with smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity to other devices, pre-built Internet streaming, reminders for big events or favorite programs and more.


The receiver is the hub that takes care of all of the audio and video for the system. Your streaming set top boxes, consoles as well as other inputs shall be plugged in to your receiver. In turn, the receiver will send out audio to the speakers and video to your TV. That makes a more organized system, and one single device for connecting and managing all of the gear.


Probably, the biggest perk of setting up your home theater is the fact that you have total control over the audio. Having the right pair of speakers matching your space will make anything you watch sound a lot better. Since great speakers are available in various sizes and price points, you don’t need to worry about a small space or limited budget to enjoy high quality sound.

Soundbar (optional)

A soundbar is the right option if you are looking for an affordable and space-saving way to add fantastic sound to your system. Remember, that soundbar is optional for the setup, but it can make a perfect fit in a home with limited space. Modern soundbars are amplified and powered, so you will not need a receiver. You will have to connect all of the devices to the TV, and then output the sound from the TV to the soundbar.

Here are some great soundbar recommendations for under $150!

Cables and labels

Your list of things may seem complete with the above devices, but you will definitely need cables and labels to complete the setup stuff. Composite video cables, Ethernet cables and speaker cables are common cables you will need for your devices. Also, grab a good label maker to label everything. This will keep your setup well organized and ready.

Put it all together

Once you have everything ready, set aside a couple of hours. With luck by your side, you won’t need a long time to put everything together. However, it is recommended to have enough time so that you don’t have to run at the last moment to complete your setup in haste. Now let’s get started.

1. Be sure you have all cables, tool and documentation ready.

2. Disconnect everything that you have connected and place the receiver where you wish it to be. Turn it on to ensure it is working properly.

3. Now it’s time for speaker placements. Take the measurements and tape a sheet of paper to the floor or the wall where you wish to put your speakers.

4. Run necessary speaker cables to where the speakers will live. In case you wish to run them through walls or under furniture, you may want to start it now before actually installing the speakers.

5. Connect external speakers to audio inputs on the receiver. Again, you will need speaker cables for connection. Tune the receiver to the radio to ensure that you are getting sound to the speakers.

6. Now connect all video sources to video inputs on the receiver. For most of the devices, HDMI should be the preferred method of connection – from cable boxes to game consoles, everything supports it. However, if you have older gadgets that use composite or component, get the right cables and connect those as well.

7. Connect the HDMI video output of the receiver to the TV. If the receiver does signal conversion and video processing, even the old composite and component devices will pass video to the TV via the HDMI. If this doesn’t happen, you will have to plug the receiver’s composite and component video outputs to the TV as well.

8. If you have devices directly connected to the TV that are not supported by the receiver, connect the TV’s audio output to the receiver.

Basically, think about this way – plug all the devices into the receiver’s inputs, then plug the TV and speakers into the outputs of the receiver. The video sources go into the receiver, and out to the speakers and TV. While every setup is different, these steps should provide some guidelines.

Make sure you test all the devices along the way. This will point out any flaws in the working of any device beforehand and you can take appropriate measures to fix it on time. Also, be careful with cables; re-run and check them before connecting them to devices. When you are finished, you will have a home theater that is perfect for your space and entertainment needs.

Bottom line

The above guide is just a brief course on setting up your home theater system. Still, even the basic setup can take your boring TV to a lively room. You can always go for more research and add more gear provided you have sufficient space and budget. No matter what you choose, just be sure you follow the guidelines and directions on connecting each component properly for a better entertainment experience.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Reviews For 2018

According to the handheld vacuum reviews, these best handheld vacuum cleaners are widely used to remove the dust, debris, hairs and the fur of the pets from the floors and the carpets. Mostly all these things require more effort to separate them from the carpets, so there should be a proper thing to remove the debris and to give a deep cleaning impact. So for that purpose, these handheld vacuum cleaners are introduced to make the routine cleaning chores easy. With the invention of these handheld vacuum cleaners it is now possible to clean the house with little effort especially those areas of the house which are hard to reach and clean.

Our Choices:

Dyson DC58 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


The Dyson has most powerful and the top handheld vacuum cleaners in the market. The company has introduced many features in its products and they are continuously improving the standard of their vacuum cleaners in order to make the cleaning chores easy and fast. Most of us face a problem while cleaning stairs, corners and other electrical appliances of the house, but this Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner has made it possible to clean those areas of the house which are hard to clean. This handheld vacuum has following features:

Powerful motor

The motor of Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is very fast and strong. The powerful V6 motor rotates for about 110000 times per minute. This makes the working very easy and fast. This speed of motor and its efficiency is three times higher than any other handheld vacuum cleaner.

Spot cleaner

It acts as a best spot cleaner because of its compatible design. It can pick the smallest particles like grains and the beans. It also has an ability to pick up the hair and fur of the pets. In this way it makes the floors and the carpets clean and spotless.

Light weight and ergonomic

The Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is about 3.5 pounds in weight so it is very easy to carry. The ergonomic design of the hand held vacuum cleaner makes it convenient to use. It comes with two attachment crevice and combination tools for the better results of cleaning.

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Dyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum

Dyson DC34 Hand-held Vacuum big 2

Here is another perfect handheld vacuum by Dyson. This uses the cyclone technology that spins the air at a very faster rate than others and throws away the dust particles and the debris right into the bag of the vacuum cleaner by trapping them. This latest technology adds more in the features of the product and makes it desirable among others. The Dyson DC34 has following main features:

Digital motors

The Dyson uses the new concept of the smart motors instead of their bulky design. It has introduced the light weight, compact and easy to use motors. It uses the digital motor instead of ordinary electric motors. These motors use the technology of digital pulses and it is five times higher than any racing car engine.

Dual power mode

The dual power mode of the Dyson allows the two modes with different time duration and speed. The 15 minutes mode is for longer tasks while on the other hand the 6 minutes mode is faster and it is ideal to remove the spots.

Ergonomic design

This handheld vacuum cleaner is made ergonomically. It is easy to handle and use. The transparent box will tell you when it needs to be empty. So you can remove the box to empty it. It is also light in weight to make the work more flexible. The battery of the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is lithium ion and it recharges three times faster than others.

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 Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Handheld Vacuum

Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 big1

The handheld vacuum of the Hoover will tell you the main and distinguishing features of the product. This model comes with a unique and slim design. But that slim and small design doesn’t mean that it is not effectual. This model is able to hold large volumes of debris and even the small particles of few microns. This product is rated among the best handheld vacuum cleaners, so you can buy it because of its convenient use and efficient nature. This vacuum cleaner has following features:

Superb performance

The overall performance of this handheld vacuum both on bare floors and carpet is awesome. It doesn’t only remove the spots but it also collects the hairs and fur of the pets. It also cleans up the edges and corners in an effective way. The performance of Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner is superb than others.

Pet hair attachments

This Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner also has attachments for the hair removal of the pets. These brushes are suitable to use to remove the hairs and the fur of the pets. It also collects the smaller size particles. This model is ideal to trap the dust and the debris and gives a proper deep cleaning.

Filter cleaning

The filter cleaning of Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner is quite easy. It traps the debris and when it gets fill, then remove the box from the cleaner and empty it. The filter is quite easy to empty but if you feel the dust on the screen then you can simply clean it with wet cloth, but make sure to dry it before placing it back.

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Makita DCL500Z 18V Canister Vacuum Bare Tool

Makita DCL500Z 18V Canister Vacuum Bare Tool big4

The Makita has also got a perfect handheld vacuum with cyclone technology. This model of the vacuum cleaner is best to use in houses especially for those areas which are hard to clean. This model also offers superb features and the specifications that will serve you in best way. You can now clean your house in a better way than ever. This Makita handheld vacuum cleaner has following specifications:

Easy cleaning

This handheld vacuum cleaner has ability to continuously give an operational time of about 30 minutes with one time charging. So if you want to get the rapid and easy cleaning then this handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for you.

Cyclonic system

The cyclonic system of the vacuum cleaner is awesome in its function. It separates the larger particles of the dust from the smaller particles and only allows the smaller particles to pick up by the cleaner in order to prevent the clogging of the debris.

LED indicator

Another feature of this handheld vacuum cleaner is its LED indicator. That gives an indication of the filter system to clean up and indicates that the battery needs to be recharged. So in this way it makes the functioning of the cleaner better.

Convenient use

This handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to use. It is light in weight and also comes with a shoulder strap, so in this way its portability is very easy. Also the long lasting battery and the additional accessories of the vacuum cleaner make its use quite easy and flexible.

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Shark Rocket Vacuum

Shark Rocket Vacuum (HV301) big5

The Shark vacuum cleaner is especially designed for those home owners who are looking for a slim and compact design of the vacuum cleaner. The main benefit of this vacuum cleaner is that it has 2 in 1 feature. You can use its long stick or you can remove it to make it hand held vacuum cleaner. In both styles it gives the convenient cleaning of the house. Now you can clean your stairs, floors and the furniture with the help of this Shark vacuum cleaner. According to the handheld vacuum reviews, it has following additional features:

2-speed power slider

This feature allows the deep cleaning of the floors and the carpets. This 2 speed power slider allows the adjustment of the speed of the brushes and cleans accordingly. So now with this feature, the brushes will spin faster and gives the cleaning efficiently. The high speed is required when dealing with carpets.

Cyclonic technology

It is equipped with the cyclonic technology to prevent the loss of suctions. It separates the fine dust particles from the larger particles and only allows the smaller particles to pass through to avoid the clogging of the machine with dust.

Compact and light weight

The design of the Shark vacuum cleaner is compact. You can use it to clean the floors by using the long stick while on the other hand if you want to convert it into handheld cleaner then you can remove its stick. This vacuum cleaner is light in weight so you can easily use it to clean the furniture and the other appliances of the house.

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These best handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal to use in the houses especially if you want to do the little effort for cleaning. It removes the dust from corners and gives an impact of deep cleaning. For that purpose it is widely used in those houses where the people have less time to clean their houses. These handheld vacuum cleaners are light in weight and they are especially designed to clean the narrow surfaces of the house. The above mentioned top five handheld vacuum reviews will help you to find a best one for your home.


Magnetic Laundry System Review

In the modern world, clothes are an essential item. The design of clothes has transformed rapidly, and they are now tailor-made for various occasions. For a long time use of soaps and detergents has been the only way of ensuring you have clean clothes. Advancements in technology have provided a safer alternative when it comes to washing clothes. The Magnetic Laundry System review is a perfect way of understanding this new technology that incorporates the use of magnetic charges as an alternative to detergents when washing clothes.

How Is The Magnetic Laundry System Different From Detergents?

For many years, detergents and soap have made it easy for people to clean clothes. The molecules in these chemicals have a way of softening the fabric and making it easy for dirt to come out of clothes during the washing process. In this new type of technology, magnetism is used instead of soap in the washing process. Magnetic charges aid the whole dirty removal process ensuring you have clean clothes after the wash.

Why Was The Magnetic Laundry System Invented?

The use of detergents is not safe, and over the years various health and environmental concerns have been raised. The active ingredient in some detergents is carcinogenic and exposes users to the risk of getting cancer. The environment has also suffered significantly due to their toxic nature. Most cleansers are not Eco-friendly, and when plants and animals come into contact with them, they inhibit growth. With this kind of issues, there was a need for a safer alternative that was affordable, Eco-friendly and still had the capability of making your clothes clean.

The innovators of the technology have secured patent when it comes to the use of the technology. There are a limited number of firms that manufacture and even distribute the magnetic laundry systems. For clients, they can only access them through an online platform.

How To Use The Magnetic Laundry System

The technology is compatible with the conventional laundry washing machines. All you have to do is to insert the magnetic components into the washing machine. The use of the detergents is not necessary once the parts are in place. Once the cleaning cycle starts the use of magnetism will give you a perfect wash similar to what you would have if you were to use detergents. The best place to use the device is in the dishwasher water drum so that it can be most effective. It may seem a bit strange and hard to be believed, but the technology has undergone various tests and is now proven to be efficient and reliable.

What are the advantages of using The Magnetic Laundry System?

Use of detergents has over the years been blamed for health complications and also adverse environmental effects. With this new technology, you will no longer have to rely on cleansers. Magnetism will now be the cleaning agent.

Soaps are expensive, and this is a cost that you will no longer have to bear. The technology relies on a renewable magnetic force to do all your cleaning operations. The components are so reliable that a manufacturer has the courage of giving you up to a 50 years warranty on purchase of the elements. With such a long lifespan your savings on cost will be quite significant in the long run.

Most of the new technology innovations require you to either change or do away entirely with an old device you might have been using. Components of a magnetic laundry system are compatible with any washing machine. The only thing you have to do away with is the use of detergents.

Rinsing clothes consumes a lot of water and detergents significantly increase the amount of water you use in the whole rinsing process. With this kind of technology, such issues are no longer a concern. You will use a minimal amount of water in the entire rising process. The amount of water you use on a daily basis will, therefore, be insignificant compared to if you were to use detergents.

Environmental conservation is a primary concern today. The invention of this technology has provided a reliable alternative to detergents that have for a long time caused ecological harm. As a client, you will be using a product that is safe for you and those around you.

One of the most outstanding things is the effectiveness. Your clothes will get perfectly clean and with minimal effort. It may seem hard to believe, but magnetic laundry system review has cemented the efficiency of this technology when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

Disadvantages of The Magnetic Laundry System

The use of this technology is new, and most people are not yet aware of how the whole concept works. Detergents have over the years been the only alternative making people reluctant to adopt this new cleaning approach. Purchase of the components is also not easy, a factor that has limited the number of people who have access to this technology.

For beginners, the cost of purchasing and installing the components may prove to be a challenge. The initial cost may be higher than what you were to pay for a detergent. In the long run, however, you are going to benefit from lower cleaning cost expenses.

Since this is a technology secured by patent, very few firms deal in distribution and also manufacture of the magnetic components. On the part of the client, it creates challenges if one is to buy the devices. In most situations, importation is necessary a factor that increases the overall cost.

What the future holds for The Magnetic Laundry System

Technological innovations that are environmentally friendly are the way to go. Use of magnetism is a new concept that has changed the idea of washing clothes forever. With such advancements, environmental conservation is getting a significant boost. For new users, it is always essential to ensure you read and understand the user manuals. For those who have not tried it, it is something that is worth trying out.

Nano Towels Review – Should I Buy These Towels?

With green living and sustainability in focus, a lot of families are planning to replace disposable items such as paper towels with reusable alternatives. Aside from being Eco-friendly, reusable items can be used over and over, thus reducing wastage. If you love greener living and wish to switch to reusable towels instead of disposable ones, you may want to try Nano towels. The following Nano towels review will let you know whether these towels are worth buying or just hyped for marketing.


Watch this video:

What is the purpose behind the creation of Nano towels?

When you clean spills and liquids using paper towels, a portion of the liquid is left behind. In simple words, paper towels aren’t really effective at cleaning spills and dust. As such, there is a need for a green product that will ensure efficient cleaning. It is here Nano towels come into the picture to resolve the issue.

Nanolon, the material of these towels, attracts dust, liquid, grime and dirt like a magnet. While the material is a bit sticky, it helps the cloth to pick up messes rather than spreading them around. The towel has two sides – one side for cleaning and the other side for drying. This in turn ascertains efficient cleaning without the usage of multiple cloths.

The best thing about these handy towels is you don’t have to use any cleaning agent to wipe out spills and dust. All you need is some water to clean the dirt and spills with one side of the towel and use the other side to dry the area. As far as cleaning of the towels is concerned, just toss them to the laundry after use, and you could use the towels again when you need to clean something.

Why buy Nano towels

Nano towels are worth the money if you are someone who uses paper towels for wiping out spills or does light cleanups that don’t require sanitizing. Perhaps, you want to dust the mantle or need an Eco-friendly and more cost effective way to clean spilled liquids. The superior absorbability of Nano towels make them a perfect replacement for paper towels you would use in these situations. Additionally, they could save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Pros of using Nano towels


When it boils down to replacing paper towels for the purpose of soaking spilled liquids, Nano towels are worth every penny. The texture of the towel cloth is plush and thick. It can hold a great amount of liquid compared to thinner cloths and paper towels that leave behind substantial liquid.


Paper towels are only used for absorbing and cleaning liquids. Nano towels, on the other hand, present a number of other benefits. With four towels in each pack, one towel can serve as the traditional cleaner for counter-tops and flat surfaces. However, the options for using remaining towels in the pack are virtually limitless.

You can wrap one of the towels around the swifter head and tuck the corners into place to dry or mop hardwood or tile floors quickly. The other cloth in the towel pack can be used for wiping down your cardio machine after workouts in the gym. You may also keep a cloth near your entryway to dry out muddy pet paws or wet snow boots.

Easier and more convenient

It takes enough time and effort to remove bulky items of paper towels. However, Nano towels are a lot easier and offer more convenience. You can effortlessly remove the towels and clean anything.

Safer and better

A lot of households are susceptible to chemical agents on a daily basis. It is possible that most of these compounds are highly toxic to invite serious health threats. By using Nano towels, you can cut that entire toxic compound from your house while cleaning your home more effectively.

Health protection

Many individuals suffer from chemical sensitivities, and there are a number of possible ill effects of a chemical sensitivity. If a harmful compound gets into your body through your household items, it can be dangerous in the long run. You can eliminate this entire cleaning product range by using Nano towels. With the help of these towels, you can get rid of any possibility of skin rashes and respiratory issues caused by toxic chemical cleaning agents.


Cleaning agents and paper towels have become a part of your day to day expenses and put a heavy burden on your budget. However, once you buy a pack of Nano towels, you don’t have to think about repurchasing for about two years. With proper usage, Nano towels can continue cleaning for two to three years and survive about 300 to 400 trips through your washing machine.


When compared with microfiber cloths, Nano towels tend to be expensive. Many people are reluctant to spend 25 dollars on four towels. However, this investment can be really helpful in saving money. For example, if your family blows up multiple rolls of paper towels each week soaking messes and drying hands, an investment of 25 dollars upfront might save you loads of dollars in the long run when you are not repurchasing paper towels anymore.

Cons Of Nano Towels

Needs frequent washing

Unlike disposable towels, you need to wash the Nano towel on a frequent basis. If left unwashed or wet, the towel will leave undesirable smell like mildew. This means you have to expend some labor on your part on cleaning and maintaining the towel.

Requires disinfectant

While the towel is Eco-friendly, it can’t kill the bacteria on its surface. You need to use a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar to get rid of the bacteria. Without the use of disinfectant, the towel can’t be cleaned properly.

No color options

These towels are mostly available in green color. You don’t have the option to choose another color. While this is actually not a downside, it limits your choice with respect to color.

Concluding words

From the above Nano towels review, it becomes crystal clear that these Eco-friendly towels are an ideal choice in any home. Affordability, sustainability, multi-functionality, ease of usage, durability, etc are some of the prime benefits offered by these towels. Due to these amazing benefits, more and more homeowners prefer to buy these sustainable towels. If you are really serious about your health and the environment, buy these towels and transform your way of living.


Looking For The Best Brad Nailer? Look Here

Over the last few months, I have been working on a few different project around the house and I am finding that I really need to update some of my tools.  Especially my hammer.  I am getting tired of swinging the thing!  LOL!

As I am getting older, I am finding that using a hammer to drive nails for a day really catches up to me after awhile.  This is why I have been looking into the best brad nailer available these days.

One that I have been considering as what appears to be good is a Hitachi brad nailer – namely the NT50AE2.  Anyone have any experiences with it?  anyone have any other suggestions?

Wall Cord Cover – Wiremold C210 Cordmate Kit Review

cord covers for walls

You’ve spent your hard earned money on your entertainment system, flat screen tv or stereo but you are still left with those ugly cords and wires.  Many people have found the solution to this problem in the Wiremold C210 White Cordmate II Kit and I am confident that this kit will work for you.

The Wiremold kit comes with everything that you are going to need to hide and blend those ugly wires and cords with your wall.  The kit pieces are trays that attach to the wall and have a flexible and hinged cover which snaps open and shut.  You simply put your cords and cables inside and close.

Easy Installation

The great part of this kit is that it comes with peel and stick self-adhesive on the backside, which makes it really easy to mount.  If you have ever used a product with a self-adheseive backing, you know how strong the bond actually is.

Easy To Blend With Decor

These wall cord covers can easily be mounted to baseboards, walls and floors(pretty much any flat surface).  Many people decide to paint or stain the wall cords to match the decor.  That’s absolutely fine as these wall cord covers are designed to be painted if needed.

Whats Included?

  • 12 feet of cord channel(3 four foot sections)
  • 2 flat elbows
  • Inside elbow
  • Outside elbow
  • 2 Couplings
  • T fitting

What Others Are Saying About The Wiremold C210 Cordmate Kit

Here are some of the comments to date:

  • “Hides Cables Great”
  • “Great way to hide unsightly wires”
  • “Better than the cheap stuff”
  • “Good stuff and the kit had everything I needed.”
  • “As far as setup goes, you can’t get any simpler.”

Click Here To Read More Reviews

Any Complaints?

I did see a few complaints about people not being able to fit all of the cords and cables that they had into the cord cover.  Some of the users expressed the fact that they didn’t really realize they had so many cords.  These units work great, but not for a huge wad of wires, which shouldn’t be a problem with correct wiring and routing on your system.

Where Can You Buy The Wiremold C210 Cordmate Kit?

You can buy this Wiremod cord cover from Amazon.  I’ve found that they have the best prices on products and have many customer reviews by real customers that you can read and even get some tips from.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

I’ve found that the best place to read reviews on this product is Amazon.  They are the most popular online vendor and are always trusted.

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Hoover FloorMate Review – Model FH40010B Wet Dry Vac

Want a really good wet/dry vac floor scrubber for under $200?  Add the Hoover FloorMate FH40010B SpinScrub to your short list.  Put away the mop  and forget about the knee pads.  The FH40010B is the ultimate 3-in-1 cleaner that vacuums, washes and dries your floor.  Try to get your mop and bucket to do that!

If you’re in the market for a floor scrubber, you simply can’t go wrong with the Hoover FloorMate because of it’s ease-of-use design.  Some floor cleaners have huge tanks that are too heavy to empty or are hard to place back in the unit.  Not the FH40010B.  This model was designed as a tool that you can pull out, clean up and put back with no fuss.

Read the rest of the Hoover FloorMate review:

Hoover FH40010B Features

Dual Tank System – One of the great features of the Hoover FloorMate Cleaner that I really like is that it has a dual-tank system. This dual tank keeps the clean water completely separate from the dirty water. This means that when you refill the machine, the water won’t be contaminated from the residue left over in the tank.

If you’ve cleaned hard floors for awhile, you know that the slightest contamination can cause streaking or a glaze, the dual tank system solves this common problem.

SpinScrub® Brushes – As I have experienced in the past, a certain model floor cleaner would work pretty good on flat floor such as lenolium, but when it came to grout or any floor that had depressions, it would fail to clean properly. This has to do with the poor brush designs on those models. The FloorMate has what they call SpinScrub Technology built in. It’s actually a special design on the brushes(along with the brush action pattern) that allow the unit to get deep in the grout and low areas of your flooring.

Removable Nozzles and Brushes – Another feature that I really like on this model is the removable nozzles and brushes. On floor cleaners that don’t have removable features, you literally have to decide between two options. Get on the floor with a towel and try to clean the nozzles and brushes or flip the whole cleaner and try to clean the brushes in the sink.

Beltless Design – Do I really need to say how great this feature is? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had belts fail in the past. Sometimes they would fail because of a piece of the carpet getting caught up in the belt or simply not seeing a penny. You know something is wrong with the machine but keep going until you smell that burned rubber smell. That’s a thing of the past with this machine.

Foldable Handle – O.K, I have to admit, sometimes I do like a stationary handle just for the fact that it makes a great place to hang my coat. The other 99.99% of the time, I find that the handle always would get in my way when I’d put my old machines in my closet. The Hoover FloorMate Vac has a handle that actually folds all the way down. This makes it very low profile when in storage and it really saves a lot of space.


Measures 15.2″ x 12.2″ x 31″, weighs 16 pounds

What’s Included?

The unit comes with some detergent and 30 hard surface wipes. I would recommend picking up a bottle of the Hoover AH30265 Floor Mate 48-Ounce Multi-Floor Detergent to use with this machine.

Customer Reviews

The reviews on the Hoover FloorMate FH40010B are overwhelmingly positive as opposed to some of the other floor scrubbers on the market.  It is very aparent after reading all of the reviews that the quality of the machine and the machines very easy operation are the key points.

I have read review after review of customers saying that the vacuum portion of the wet vac exceeded their expectations.  I did read a couple of people say that they also wished there was an attachment hose for vacuuming the corners, but that was a minor point.

I’ve seen numerous accounts of people saying how their old units made by a different manufacturer failed soon after purchase or really under-performed.  Not only do the customers say that the FloorMate is solid and durable, but they also say that it saves them a lot of time.  This is mostly due to the 3-in-1 vacuum, washer and dryer.

A common theme that I’ve also seen was that people are so happy that they found a solid and stable unit they know is going to last.  They know that they never have to get out the bucket and mop and spend hours kneeling on a hard floor.  The Hoover FloorMate is a  real time-saver.

“This thing is beyond awesome. It’s “be-awesome”. It mesmerizes while it swiftly vacuums, washes and dries floor after floor after floor. I’ve just done two nasty bathrooms and a sticky kitchen, and my hand’s didn’t even get dirty. Ordered Friday, arrived IN ITALY on Wednesday…..(read more here: Hoover FloorMate Review)”

“We finally did something about the ongoing saga of mopping/sweeping our kitchen tile floor. The Hoover Floormate is absolutely awesome reducing what had been the better part of a full hour to sweep, then mop the tile floor. This unit does it all, sweep, clean and dry the floor in a fraction of the time it used to take. Money well spent!! …(read more here: Hoover FloorMate Review)”

Pros & Cons

Pros:  This floor scrubber was created with ease-of-use in mind and you will not break a sweat cleaning your floor with this machine.  You can use a wide variety of cleaning solutions, even homemade solutions such as vinegar and scent oils.

The vacuum power of the vacuum portion of the SpinScrub is great and picks up the smallest grains and grit that may be on the floor, it doesn’t just push them around.

The system that the Hoover FloorMate uses for water changing and filling is very simple and not clumsy like some other models.  I always found that clumsy or awkward containers or mounting brackets made me quite frustrated with other floor cleaners.

Cons:  Really would like the unit to have a separate suction hose for vacuuming in the tight corners.  Not a big deal, but thought I would mention it.  Another thing I could list as a con(although it’s pretty standard amongst floor cleaners) is the fact that after you suction the floor, it still takes a few minutes to dry.  Again, that’s really not a problem, it was just hard to find many cons on this unit.


Where Can You Read More Reviews?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon.

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Solar Pathway Lights. Low Voltage With A Great Look

Solar pathway lights have become very popular in recent years.  Not only due to the fact that they look great, but they also use very little power and provide excellent lighting so that you can see your walkway.

Actually, these sidewalk lights will cost you very little or nothing at all.  The craze noways is to use solar lights.  These typically have a sensor on them that collects the suns rays and stores that energy into a battery, mounted directly on the light itself.  When it gets dark, the sensor turns them on.  They literally are low maintenance, they don’t even require power!

Popular Solar Pathway Light Ideas

I can talk about them all day long, but how about I just link you to some popular brands and you can see for yourself.

Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light
  • Easy to install–no wires to run
  • Solar-powered lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Made from durable weatherproof materials
  • Super-bright white LED lights charged by the sun
  • Approximately 13.5 inches tall
Moonrays 91380 Payton-Style Solar-Powered Black Plastic LED Path Light
  • Set of 10 solar-powered path lights with warm-white LED
  • 120-degree-angle beam; 12-inch area of illumination; 2.5 lumens per fixture
  • Auto-on from dusk until dawn; discharge time up to 10 hours depending on daytime sun
  • Weatherproof black plastic construction; plastic lens looks like hammered glass
Pine Top 511-0007 4-Light LED Solar-Powered Plastic Fence-Post Cap Light

Those are just a few products you can look at.  If you look at the last link, you see that these are actually square LED lights that you mount on your post holes.  I have a friend who uses this style and I must say, they are worth every penny.  Not only does the unit put off enough light to light the area, but the light also shines right off the vinyl fence, which almost amplifies the lighting.

Buddy Electronic Controlled Key Safe Box – The Popular Choice

Features At a Glance

  • Unique battery operated security system
  • Wall mountable
  • Electronic keypad access code
  • Faceplate removes to reveal a backup key lock
  • Includes mounting hardware, batteries and two keys

In Depth Review Of The Actual Product

If you are looking for an electronic controlled key safe box, the Buddy Products electronic key box is what you are looking for. I have seen many of these units in use and have heard nothing but great reviews from those people that owned them. The thing that most of the users say is along the lines of “this key safe is built strong”, “the batteries lasted for years”,”I didn’t think I could get this type of quality for it’s low price”.

What Are The Advantages Of An Electronic Key Box?

An electronic key box such as the Buddy I am talking about has some advantages over the standard key type or combination locking boxes. The main advantage is the ability to program your own key codes right into the control panel on the front, unlike a combination key safe which only allows the stock single combination.

If you for any reason need to change the combination, you can easily do so right from the front panel, this will stop anyone who had been given the old key code to the unit. This is a great security feature as well as a nice feature to give you peace of mind, knowing that if a problem does arise, your keys are secure.

What Happens If The Battery Goes Dead?

The one thing that is great about this electronic controlled key box is that the batteries literally last for years.  I have seen reports of this battery lasting 4+ years.  Actually, I was just looking through the reviews at and seen one guy there saying the battery that comes with the unit lasted 3 years!

Obviously, you aren’t going to be worrying much about the battery losing its charge, but when it does, replacement is a sinch.  You simply snap off the front cover on the keypad and use the supplied backup key (2 backup keys are supplied with keytags) to open the key box.

The battery simply fits into the back cover of the door, it’s as simple as that!

NOTE:  The backup keys do actually open up the key safe, giving you complete manual control if you needed.

Advantage: Heavy Steel Locking Pins

This safe box for keys is quite a bit different from others in it’s bracket due to the fact that it has heavy duty steel locking pins.  On some other units you may find around you may see a little metal flange that comes down locking into place.  Those flanges are really not the type of quality you expect when you are expecting a secure lock box.

Advantage: Recessed Locking Door

The main locking door panel is recessed, this means that nobody can stick something like a crowbar or screwdriver in it to pry it open.  This is often overlooked when purchasing a key safe box.

Advantage: Heavy Thick Steel Door

The door on this thing is very solid steel.  If you tried to bend the door on this unit, you would be unsuccessful.  Some other units have doors that are strong, but I doubt they are as strong as this 3221-32 key box.  It’s 11-guage steel, which is pretty strong for this box!

What Are You Looking For?

If you are looking for a strong, durable, heavy duty, easy to use and visually appealing electronic key safe, you should definitely buy the Buddy 3221-32 key box.  It’s one of the most popular key boxes that people buy on the internet.  You’ve read this review, you can read more reviews at the Website[/easyazon_link] about this box.  I took a quick look over there and seen that the reviews are pretty much standard for what I’ve heard about this box, excellent!

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Garden Tool Storage Rack – Rubbermaid Corner Rack 5A47 Review

Rubbermaid Corner Rack 5A47 Review

The Rubbermaid 5A47 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack is something I just had to inform you about.  I figured I would do a short review of the product because it is an excellent tool that everyone should have in their garage or shop.

With this garage tool organizer, you can kiss those days of reaching for a broom and having your hoe, shovel and rake fall over like domino’s.  This is perhaps the best storage idea mostly because it’s so simple and really gets rid of a lot of frustration in the garage.

“Great for storing rakes, brooms, axes, sledge hammers, trowels, pruners, and more..”

This Rubbermaid garden tool storage rack is one of the more popular ones on  What makes this unit so popular is it’s price tag.  You can get this sturdy tool organizer at great deals.  You may even find some of them used, but I doubt many people are going to be selling their units, they are that great.

One thing to remember with this garage rack is that it is a corner unit only.  It is in the shape of a triangle, in order to fit nicely in the corner.  Many people including myself think that having the storage unit in the corner is great, because when your sweeping or grabbing for a tool, you are usually headed out the door anyhow to use it.  Very convenient.

The Reviews Of The Rubbermaid Garden Tool Storage Rack

The reviews for this item are mostly all positive and ranking close to five stars.  The reviews that were negative had basically dealt with personalized needs such as:

  • Wanting to place the unit on a wall, not in the corner.
  • Didn’t fit one of their custom shovel handles.
  • Didn’t like the color.

Overall, this is a solid buy.  Here’s what one reviewer said:

“Very nice way to store brooms and mops, flags, etc. Eliminates the need to hang everything on the wall. Fits in corner of garage……..” Read More

Product Features

  • Corner long-handle tool organizer; holds 30 tools
  • Corner storage maximizes available space
  • Easy to assemble; no tools or hardware required
  • Anchors to wall with “S” hook (not included)
  • Measures 32 by 18 by 20 inches (height by width by depth)

It’s spring and you are getting ready to open those garage doors and get your home and garden in top condition.  Don’t be caught fiddling and faddling with your hoes, rakes, brooms and other accessories.  Get this unit and enjoy your home to the fullest!

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