Using a roof rake for snow removal is something that perhaps you haven’t heard about. I admit, I didn’t quite know what a roof rake was for quite some time, actually I only found out last winter!

Snow rakes are very handy and definitely good alternatives to putting a snow blower on top of your roof, or more dangerously getting on your roof with a ladder and shovel.

What Is A Roof Rake?

A roof rake is simply a tool that you can use to remove excessive snow from your roof. If you live in a heavy snow area, you know how damaging the weight of snow can be, especially if you do not have much pitch too your roof or your roof has seen better days.

roof rake for snow removalThese rakes are simply like a garden rake, but they are designed a bit differently in order to scrape snow and ice from your house roof. Most of them come with adjustable length extensions that allow you to reach any height roof.

I’ve found that has the best selection of roof rakes at the best prices.  What’s great is that you can see the all the customer reviews.

What Are The Alternatives To Roof Rakes?

The alternatives to a roof rake are quite dangerous. You might see people on top of their roofs with an old fashion snow blowers, which I probably do not have to state how dangerous this is. Just as dangerous, you may see people of all ages, even the elderly on top of their slippery roof in the winter time actually shoveling.There are many falls and even deaths each year

There are many falls and even deaths each year from people trying to relief the pressure and weight of the snow on their roof in winter time. A simple tool like a roof rake could have saved a lot of injuries as well as deaths.

Why Is A Roof Rake Convenient?

Using roof racks for snow removal is quite simple. You get the tool, which may or may not be the telescoping kind and extend it or bring it right outside. Once you are near the area that needs to be cleaned, you simply put the rake up, push down, so that you grab a nice slab of snow and/or ice and pull.

You can’t get much more convenient than that!

If you are looking for a model like the one used in the video above, I suggest this unit: Garelick 21-Foot Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

Roof Rake Personal Tips

Here’s a tip that I found handy and comes from personal experience. I often get asked to use my roof rake to remove snow from friends houses and sometimes I found that my rake wasn’t long enough. After the blade broke on my one rake, I bought another one. My friend had the idea of taking both of the telescoping poles and combining them.

It worked! I now had a super long telescoping pole that would reach any, and I do mean any height roof. Needless to say, I’m quite popular around my town for getting snow to fall from peoples roofs!

I just thought I would let you know that these roof rakes do exist and what they are used for. As I stated, for the longest time, I had no idea what one even was, and now I find I couldn’t live without it. No longer do I have to get the ladder out and go up on the roof with my shovel.

If using a roof rake for snow removal sounds like a great idea and time saver, I suggest you look into getting one for you home. They really are time savers and the best option for roof snow removal.

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