Hudson 4 Gallon Battery Operated Garden SprayerA backpack sprayer is necessary for anyone who is into gardening or is a weekend gardener.

For plants and vegetables, even lawns to grow past their potential and grow healthy, you need to be applying fertilizers and pesticides, it’s no secret.

Nowadays you can find many types of sprayers available ranging from pull behind sprayers, electronic sprayers and backpack sprayers.  I know that finding the right backpack garden sprayer can be a hassle, that’s why I’ve made this backpack sprayer review page.  Now you can see the best backpack sprayers in one location!  I provide links to all of the backpack sprayer ratings so that you can see what actual buying/paying customers have said about the products.

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Main Advantages Of A Backpack Sprayer

Personally for me and a lot of my friends the greatest advantage to having a backpack sprayer is that it really takes away a lot of the stress and fatigue on the body.backpack sprayer

With the new sprayer system, I fill the unit, place it on my back and away I go. There is no back pain, actually having the weight on your back helps you maintain good posture while your spraying. I would say that my efficiency has grown by 400% or more, just because of the fatigue aspect alone!

I’d like to point out as well, carrying a heavy canister in one arm, which is usually your weaker non-dominate arm(because you use your dominate arm to hold the spray nozzle) really puts a lot of strain on your shoulders. I often experienced headaches with the old system, and I can say with the backpack sprayer I can work so much longer with no headache or sensation of strain at all!

A note of caution about pump/pressurized sprayers.

Since the contents of the pressurized garden sprayers are under high pressure, you must ALWAYS make sure to wipe the caps mounting surface with a rag.  This is to prevent any dirt from getting between the cap and o-ring.  Many people fail to do this and end up having leaks.  If you make sure to always keep the cap area free of dirt, you shouldn’t have any issues with leaks.

Always make sure the cap is tightened securely.  As an owner of a couple pressurized sprayers, I know that even the slightest amount of debris can cause a leak.

I’ve found that has the best prices on Garden Backpack Sprayers and has many product reviews for each product listed.

Stanley 61804 Professional Backpack Poly 4-Gallon Sprayer

4-gallon backpack sprayerOne great thing about this Stanley that is very important and in my opinion overlooked(it didn’t occur to me at the time we bought it). This unit stands on it’s own, which makes it very easy to add the fertilizer, bug spray or whatever you are spraying. Some units have a weird shaped bottom that do not let you set the unit on the ground.

Buy Name Brand!

The first thing we noticed when we got the Stanley backpack sprayer was that there are a lot of nozzles and tips that you can buy for the unit, so if you ever break or misplace a nozzle, you can order one and it will be shipped quickly.

Stanley is well known for their heavy duty products and they are a massive global company, so you are assured good customer service with them.

Stanley 61804 Product Features

  • Stanley 4-gallon professional backpack poly sprayer
  • Allows you to choose the left or right side to pump the sprayer
  • Includes poly wand with adjustable poly tip
  • Bonus brass nozzle included
  • Designed with comfortable shoulder straps

All in all this unit is the most popular unit that I have seen on the internet and all of the backpack sprayer reviews were positive about this unit(including my own personal review). I can say that it’s more than I expected and has many benefits that reduce the fatigue which allows me to enjoy spraying. It’s no longer a hassle.

If you are looking for a solid, stable and ergonomic backpack sprayer this is the one for you!

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Hudson 13854 NeverPump Bak-Pak 4 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer

Hudson 13854 backpack sprayer

The Hudson backpack garden sprayer is a battery operated(rechargeable) backpack garden sprayer.  These sprayers are great because they run on electricity, that means there’s no need to stop and pump your sprayer.

I actually chose to review the Hudson power backpack sprayer because I had seen one of the local landscaping companies using this same model a few months ago.  They had been spraying chemicals on the sidewalk to get rid of weeds that had grown between the cracks.  They said they use them because they can get jobs done quicker as they do not have to stop and manually pump the sprayer.

He also told me that they use the sprayer for getting rid of mold in greenhouses.

This was definitely a sign too me that if a large landscaping company was using these, they must be durable products.

The worker actually told me that they can run a whole shift(a whole work day) and not have to recharge the battery at all.  I really at that point wondered why I was messing around with a pump sprayer.  Obviously, if you only need to do small jobs and things, a pump sprayer may be fine for your needs.

After reading the product features, I found that it does in fact say that the battery life for the rechargeable garden sprayer is about 10 hours.

One reviewer on said:

“I bought Hudson Never Pump Bak-Pak Sprayer a few weeks ago. It is very powerful tool that allows to spray my entire backyard 0.5 acre on one battery charge.”

Read the rest of the reviews

Hudson Battery Operated Pump Product Features

  • Sprays for 10 hours on a single battery charge. Includes AC charger that completely charges battery in 9 hours
  • PVC power sprayer style hose. Powerful piston pump. Viton seals and gaskets. Left or right handed pumping action
  • Large poly shut-off valve – comfortable thumb-operated
  • Extra long 20-inch fiberglass/poly spray wand
  • Bonus nozzle system with 4 different spray settings

Click to read more about the Hudson Battery Operated Backyard Garden Sprayer

Chapin 61800 Professional 4 – Gallon Backpack Poly Sprayer

chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack sprayer for gardenThe Chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack garden sprayer is another high quality unit that has enough capacity to spray over a large area.  This particular model features a side mount pump, which is nice if you want to pump the sprayer while it’s still on your back.  I did read a few reviews about leaks, but it is hard to tell why some of the users wrote about them.

I suspect that since this unit is a high pressure unit, perhaps the caps hadn’t been tightened down or perhaps as noted above, some debris might have been trapped between the cap and the o-ring.

You will see the reviewers talk about the heavy duty straps.  Good heavy duty straps are a must for something that holds this much material, both for safety as well as for eliminating any fatigue from carrying the unit.

One reviewer on said:

Good sprayer makes jobs easier”

“I have a large yard ~ 2 acres and was using a 2 gallon handheld sprayer and this backpack sprayer is great – has saved me a lot of time.”

Read the rest of the reviews

Chapin 61800 Product Features

  • Chapin Professional 4-gallon backpack poly sprayer hands free sprayer for large jobs
  • 4-inch wide opening with poly shut-off and adjustable cone and fan nozzle
  • Internal 4 position spray valve for expert pressure control from 15- to 60-psi
  • Multi-use nozzle tips included
  • Designed with padded carrying straps for fatigue-free operation

Click to read more about the Chapin 61800 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Backyard garden sprayers are great for doing jobs such as applying weed killer, bug repellant, chemicals that are designed to do heavy cleaning and other harsh products as well as plain old water for watering.  Backpack sprayers work great, are extremely effective and most of all, save you a lot of time.

Do you have a review,personal story or backpack sprayer recommendation of your own?  Post a comment and let’s hear about it!

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